Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ungrounded- Checking In With Our Inner Selves:)

     I posted earlier from the perspective of my intuitive one, and today we made some discoveries we'd like to add.  Now she is sensitive to the extreme about things like different energies and auras.  So she noticed an effect much more than any of us would when another alter is 'sharing' (co-conscious) but not connected to whoever else is out.  When that happens, she describes it as being extremely ungrounded.  Being "grounded" is lingo from the spiritual people/sensitives/what have you that means being fully present in your body and in tune with tangible reality- "down to earth".   She's written here before about how that can be difficult for people with DID in connection to poor shielding and poor boundaries.  We'd like to add that feeling ungrounded can also come from being disconnected to your other alters.  We simply experience it as being spacey, not really feeling our body except at the top and sometimes even a sensation of floating or feeling far away.  Basically, we're high as a space cadet (might also add that communicating or writing in this state- such as this blog post -might not be clear to others or a great idea for you.  Wheeeee!). 
     We wanted to point out that with DID it might not be that NO one is fully present or in control your body, but that you might not be in touch with the parts of you that are.  Checking in with our alters, having a meeting to see what's going on connects us to the other alters that are out and helps greatly to 'bring us back down to earth' so to speak and fully present in our bodies.  We have been frustrated lately by the limitations on our ability to live our lives when we feel pushed out of our own bodies and unable to think, act, speak clearly etc.  What we are finding now for us personally is that the other alters that are out are also limited in these things when we don't connect.  It can feel a bit weird to ask questions in your mind and wait for someone else to answer, but the ability to communicate with alters can be developed or is there already, though different things may work for different people.  Feeling shut out, spaced out, whatever you call it, is irritating for everyone.  The good news is that it need not happen forever.  Communicating and checking in or having meetings can help bring down the space cadet and have you feeling closer to your normal however-normal-you normally-are self.

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