Saturday, August 2, 2014

De-Mystifying Your Programming

Many people with alters have been programmed.  That is, they or their alters have been methodically trained to do or be something.  From what I've seen, programming seems universal in people with DID who were subject to ritual abuse, and also fairly common in people whose DID stemmed from domestic abuse.  Programming is different than normal discipline, teaching, or training in that it usually employs a form of torture at a young age to burn a belief or behavior into the core psyche of the person. Though it is very dark, with serious long lasting effects, programming is not nearly as complicated, impressive -or as permanent, as it sounds.  All programming is, is a lie.  A lie that is burned into your subconscious and carried at the very core of who you are.

People who have been programmed, if they are aware of it, often feel that they cannot get out.  They may have alters trained to act against them, harm them if they speak out, report them to their abusers.  Likely they will feel the same amount of fear towards their abuser as when they were a child.  They feel powerless against a seemingly all powerful abuser, who controls even their own mind and willpower.  The alters or people who have been programmed are simply reacting to a very deep lie they believe as truth.  It takes time and patience, but programming is completely reversible.  The lie must be exposed as a lie.  When the alter or person does not believe it, they will not act on it.  Abusers and programmers use extreme fear to keep their victim from questioning the truth and realizing their own autonomy.  In the end, it is all illusion.  

Most abusers are certainly very dangerous to a child, and some still dangerous to an adult.  However all pooled together taking into account their brain, brawn, and overall impact on the world, I don't see them as much bigger than a mouse casting very large shadows on a wall.  They are not strong people, or brave people, and nothing they do is built to truly last, including programming.