Thursday, January 12, 2012

Color Therapy

     Red!  Gone with my green streak and onto the new bright year.  Obviously more than a streak, the ones in charge during the coloring process were very enthusiastic.  Keeping us alert through all that switching during the long process of bleaching and dyeing was a bit of a challenge, but worth it.  Some were so thrilled with my hair color I was bouncing off the walls and making up my mind to dye the rest the same color, possibly today.  Fortunately, there is SOME impulse control from the rest of us, because two hours later "I" was looking in the mirror wanting to cry over the horrid coloring in my hair.  It's so bold, it's so gaudy and trashy, it's so not me.  How do I get rid of it?  She refused to look in the mirror anymore, but later I made some peace with braids. 

     I have noticed before, and especially now, that many alters respond strongly to color.  Bright vibrant colors are a favorite of my littles.  In t.v. shows Barney in particular is a favorite because of the vibrant colors and music.  As my little alters have been incorporated more into my life, or integrated, my clothes have started to go from drab to brilliant.  In painting my room this summer, they chose the colors, and now my room is lime green and pastel orange.  I have to say that with my room being sun facing, the light glowing off these colors lifts my mood drastically and makes spending time there enjoyable.  Many of us look forward to going towards our room simply for the color and the comfort and cheer it brings.  The style of my artist alter has changed significantly with the beginning integration of younger alters, looser, larger, and more colorful.  As for my neon red hair color, while some think it ghastly, more find it fun, pretty, and even helpful.  For those struggling with extreme despair or rage it has been a wonderful way to express passion in a positive way and bring life to those who have a hard time finding it.  I have found overall that color therapy interacts with alters on a level I am rarely even aware of.  I think it is a wonderful way to work with all people.

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