Sunday, August 7, 2011

my blue hair. her blue hair. our blue hair? The Blue Hair.

     New therapy technique for multiples: hair dye.  As I become better informed about various alters they seem to work better, or some start to merge.  Letting them pursue their own interests and leave their mark in my life helps to solidify their presence, since everyone is reminded of them more frequently when they are gone, and helps to incorporate them into daily life.  Letting one alter go ahead and dye part of our hair works great for merging since everyone will see that part of her every time we look in a mirror.  Letting the exuberance spill out into everyday life shares it with everyone else, to make it a less volatile package when it does arrive.  It also lets that alter be out more firmly with other alters present, to merge with and pick up on their grounding and calm.
     Seeing as I don't leave home often, this seemed the perfect time to get that blue hair I/we/she's always wanted.  Now I can fulfill that goal of going grocery shopping with blue hair (Weird I know.  But I'm a little obsessed with food.  Now maybe I can move on to bigger things).  And it won't end with blue.  We've got a little list of wild colors stored up that we've always wanted.  The rotten part is that we get so set on what we want it's a bit hard to adjust when it turns out differently.  What I wanted to look like dark blue ended up more like looking like sea green.


     But oh well it's still good.  I think every one's reaction from seeing themselves in the mirror with blue hair so far has been excited to amused to indifferent.  The facial muscles they use are drastically different for some, so that I've started recognizing who is in the mirror, or even in photographs.  They use different expressions in the face and in the eyes.  So much so that it almost looks like a different set of eyes, indeed a different person looking out at you.  Having colored hair takes the aspect of one alter and fixes it to every alter, so even though it is not their own they are very aware of it.  It raises co-consciousness for them and helps to put everyone on the same level of awareness, which helps merging or at least working together go better.  Next on the embrace-alters-and-start-to-merge-with-enthusiasm list: take up boxing.

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