Wednesday, May 18, 2011


     Everything is a mess.  A gazillion projects half started that belong to different alters and everyone battling in my head.  No one can decide what to do cuz no one's in complete control.  And so tired... ALL the time.  Slamming headaches and fatigue.  That's what it seems like this is all about.  A zombie with a perpetual headache who can't seem to quite focus on anything.  And-insomnia!  Oh joy!  The perfect combination.  I've taken to occasionally asking for identities of those tromping through and have gotten a few surprises.  'Um, do I know you?'  Apparently not.  New introductions everyone and drinks all around.  Figuratively speaking, we don't do alcohol.  Sorry.  You want this system to work?  Let go.  LET GO.  Communicate.  rrrrg


Sherryetal said...

I have the same exact thoughts about this. I have headaches all the time and medicine doesn't seem to help. My alters all have different things going on and I can't figure out what's what. All I ant to do is sleep all time.

annette said...

Hi Sherryetal,
When we were diagnosed 2 years ago suddenly there were alters coming out of the woodwork and it was like instant headaches, vertigo spells, new crazy allergies, and strange new things that we still can't figure out if they are medical or just caused by DID or both- that includes strange sleep patterns and constant fatigue. It exasperates medical and mental professionals, but not as much as us! We don't need a doctor, we need the U.N. :P